Area Dining:

         Mikey's Donut King
          952 E. Landry St.
          Opelousas, LA

         Opelousas has most of the common drive-through establishments

    "Bugin Grub" (gas-station food):
         Washington has one gas-station, but it closes early. Opelousas has quite a bit more. There is also an exit between Washington and Opelousas that has three gas-stations (these last ones are good spots for widows, Calosoma and occasionally Strategus).

         Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant
          525 North Main Street
          Washington, Louisiana

     ( Winner of the: Bugstock Six Tarsi Award! The Steamboat has very, very good food, as many of us can vouch. It is also right in Washington and right on Bayou Courtableau)

         Casa Ole: I 49 S Service Rd, Opelousas

         Ryan's: 5675 I 49 S Service Rd, Opelousas